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Ai [userpic]

I've been away from you for so long..

May 30th, 2009 (01:04 am)

Location: Living Room
Mood: nostalgic
Song: Careless Whisper - George Michael

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This picture was taken in the Boracay Islands of The Philippines in the summer of 2008. It was of a gorgeous sundown.


I miss you! Yeah, all of you! Time goes by so fast.

I haven't written a serious entry in here for so long.

I've been extremely busy with school and all the tedious work they give us (I'm really happy to be learning what I love though!)that I haven't had the time to go on here and time for my other hobbies. Especially Lolita. I sort of feel out of the loop, just a tad. It's like I've been asleep for so long that now I've woken up it's almost unfamiliar to me. Perhaps it's just sand in my eyes and hopefully in due time I'll be back into the loop.

I just finished my first year of college. So many new experiences and changes. Some bad and some good.I can feel myself maturing as time goes by and soon I realize certain things, things begin to take perspective. You begin to really see who your true friends are and you still go on trying to figure yourself out.

..and so it goes on.

It's raining outside, I love the rain at this time and season. Summer Rain. It's nice and calming.
I think my summer so far began with a good start. Decent Grades and being able to see friends that I haven't seen for over a year, especially when your so used to seeing them everyday. I'm also glad I'm getting my social life back.

There's so much I want to do this summer!!

I want to go have a weekend away at the beach and sit there at 3am having deep conversations with good friends. I want to go to Six flags and finally ride a roller coaster. I want to get my basement fixed so I don't do all my sewing/rendering/drawing/whatever in my living room. I want to make scrapbooks and have fun sleepovers and go places for adventures. Hopefully I will be productive and do most of them!

AnimeNext is in two weeks. I can't wait to go, just to see friends and spend time with them!

Tomorrow I'll be taking my written permit test! I know I should have had this taken care of before but I haven't had the time till now. So wish me luck on the test so I can finally be on the road to get license!!!

Back to studying!

I hope you all haven't forgotten about me! :(



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Ai [userpic]

Goodbye, my almost lover.

April 8th, 2009 (07:09 pm)

Mood: sad

“ So long my luckless romance. My back is turned on you. I should have known you’d bring me heartache, almost lovers always do. ”

Ai [userpic]

Belated Happy 2009! :3

January 4th, 2009 (01:36 am)

Location: A castle In The Sky
Mood: restless
Song: Unusual You - Britney Spears

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Happy Belated New Years 2009 everyone!

I finally came around to updating! (I haven't updated for 12 weeks!) :o
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

For the new year I changed my layout a bit, nothing too drastic just subtle!
What do you think? I'm thinking about changing my settings to private.

First semester was really tough, It was hard for me to get used to everything but I think I'm pulling through okay! :3
I'm really enjoying my break and I hope to see a lot of people and hang out with them, I can't wait!!!
So lets make plans for whoever wants to chill? You know how to reach me!

I had a wonderful time during Christmas. I spent it with very close family friends that I consider family. Even though we aren't all blood related I still feel as If we are family and we act that way too! I can't think of any other group of people to celebrate with. :D

I recently finished watching the Nodame Cantabile Live. I cried a lot cause I know what it means to be in an orchestra and love classical music and have the same goal. If you haven't seen it go watch Nodame Cantabile Live!!! It's a really good drama!
Anyway now that it's over I feel empty! u.u;
Does anyone know a good drama for me to watch?

My electric violin just doesn't do it, I need an acoustic sound. So I decided to save up money for an acoustic violin. I've been meaning to get one right after I gave my HS violin to a underclassmen but tuition was first priority. u.u;

OH! So I recently joined this Mobile community called Mobile Mingle!
Does anyone here use it?

If your into writing stories,poetry, reading stories or anything of the like and like to dress up cute avatars and would like to try a mobile community, you should check out mobile mingle!!!!

If you want to join let me know so I can send you an invite and we can both gain more Moba Gold! :D

Here's the site! Check it out!


Lately I haven't been feeling like myself. I don't know whats wrong. It's as if I have no drive to do what I used to love to do. I hope this is just a weird phase I'm going through. Maybe I just need something to get me going. I really can't explain it.

I guess a person never stops finding themselves.

For this new year I would like to achieve these things:

+Be the best I can be.
+Be Happier
+Go out more and spend more time with people I love.

Anyway I'll leave you guys with an amusing picture!

^ The story behind this picture is... one day a classmate and I went to get our buttons done at Jonathan's. She insisted we took the subway back up to school but I told her it was only a few blocks and I had no money for a metro card. She still insisted we go on the subway and she was so sweet and said she'd pay for the ride. I told her I'll treat her sometime. So we hopped on the train and all of a sudden we see a bunch of people dressed in Santa costumes. The train we happen to get on was the one filled with Santas. They were having a blast. It was so funny and We were so outta place. Even the people who weren't dressed up as santa had a blast riding the train with them. It made me smile.

Hahaha.. the quirky things never get old.

I love you guys! :3~


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Ai [userpic]

It's already October!

October 5th, 2008 (11:59 pm)

Location: Ai's Room
Mood: nostalgic
Song: Save Room - John Legend

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It's been a month since school started and things have not slowed down. I am incredibly busy lately that I have no time to blog freely like this. (or to do anything at all) I miss it, a lot!

I'm going to try to be as active on here as I was in the past!! Serious! :D

School's very tiring and time consuming and hard but I'm not gonna give up. I had a very very very very very rocky start. Hopefully it will get better for me as time progresses.

I also wish I could be more active in everything I was active in before. u.u;
for instance the Lolita community. T_T;

Another thing..
For the past four years of my life I would wake up every morning to the sound of an Orchestra and songs. Not being able to listen to that sound every morning is just a total change for me. I horribly miss playing my violin. I have a pink electric one but I'm craving the acoustic sound. Hopefully once Christmas rolls around I might have enough money to get myself a pink acoustic one. <3_<3;

I meet a lot of wonderful people in school! Which I'm very very glad to be friends with but I miss a lot of my friends from high school. I saw them recently, yesterday to be exact. I attended a friend's birthday party and I was beyond happy to be there spending time with them. So much laughter... I haven't laughed so freely in so so long. I also miss a lot of my teachers. I've grown close to many of them. I hope they won't forget me because I won't ever forget them. Ever since college started people moved away and moved on with their lives after high school. It makes you feel extremely lonely when you think about it. I guess it's all part of growing up. As time goes by I notice myself change and grow and yet I still have so much growing up to do.

I guess one thing to look forward to is all the cute pen pal letters I'll be sending and receiving!!! I love pen pal letters so much. Sure there's the internet and email but.. the whole feeling of getting something in the mailbox from a friend really makes me feel happy.

I miss everybody and everything.

I so need a new layout. Suggestions, anyone? Anyone know anybody who'd make me one? :D

When you leave, my colors fade to gray.
little on this day, all my colors fade away.
Every word of love I used to say.
Now I paint it every day..

I love you guys! :3~


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Ai [userpic]

Fresh start and new life.

August 25th, 2008 (12:55 am)

Location: Ai's place
Mood: nervous
Song: Thinking of You - ATC

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I haven't updated this thing in 8 weeks. Damn. Thats a new record for me and my insanely long hiatus's.

I hope you guys haven't forgotten me!

This is it.

Tomorrow is my first day of College at the Fashion Institute of Technology as a Fashion design major.

I am really nervous.

I don't know what to expect. I just hope I won't make a huge fool out of myself.. or get lost for that matter. @_@;;

All I know is that I'm happy to have reached this far in my life and get one step closer to my dream.

Since this year is a clean slate and fresh start I think I'll fix this journal up this week.
I might be doing some LJ cuts and changing things around. I kinda want to change my username too, kinda. Not so sure actually. I might even make a new LJ account.. but I don't want to do that really. I guess I just want something new.

Hopefully after I spruce this LJ up or decide on a new account. I'll update about my experiences this summer and being overseas.

What do you think? Do you guys think I should just spruce this account up or make a new LJ? May I even have your opinion, please?
Do you guys even want to be LJ friends with me since I haven't been active in so long?


I should go sleep. It's getting late! Thank you to those in advance who takes the time to read this!!!

I love you guys! :3~


[ + ]- End -|- Love - no. o31 - [ + ]